The Big Why

The Big Why is our first feature length film! The concept came from an interesting conversation we had once.  Ixc approached Jay and asked him if they could make a movie. The two brainstormed for months and developed the concept together: they would answer life’s greatest mysteries. Jay had the Van, and the two of them had the know how; the only thing left was to acquire enough funds to get cameras and drive across the country and ask as many people as possible what they believed.

They boiled the question at the heart of the documentary to this: Who’s happy, and why? Using this concept, two of them decided that they would kickstart the documentary in December of 2020. The documentary was successfully funded, and they began the amazing journey which led to them discovering the answer to life, the universe, and all other things.

The rest is history. They spent the next two years of their lie filming and editing it. They composed the music for it. They pieced together the best story they could to answer the burning question at the centre of humanities existence.

We hope you walk away from this movie refreshed, smiling, and perhaps knowing a little bit more about the universe. It's only 20$!