...[Walker and Wylde's Music is a] working-class mantra of an age marked by violence, anxiety, and radical optimism. Warm, comforting lyrics resonate with collective concerns. Dynamic melodies make it a nuanced listen that will leave you feeling energized and understood.” - Jenna Keeble

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Who Are they?

Walker and Wylde

A Relentlessly Energetic Folk Duo

Non stop energy, complex harmony, and hilarious storytelling are the three parts that form the whole of Walker and Wylde. Their insane folk energy is unrivaled in both sound and style throughout the world. This quickly growing band is unlike anything you've ever heard.

Walker and Wylde have had a very eventful first year of their musical career. The two of them have gone from starting a band to gaining more than 200,000 followers on Tik Tok, Thousands more on other social media, and having more than 13,000 listeners on Spotify plus many thousands more on other platforms.  

The two began their band with a commitment to their art. In order to make a living off of their music considering the state of the global economy, they concluded that the only way for them to accomplish this goal was to sell all of their possessions and move into a van, which Blue Jay Walker named “Two Tone Tony.” The two then set out on a cross country tour, bringing with them only their instruments, some recording gear, and the clothes on their back. Tony served them dutifully, enabling them to play in every single major city in Canada, and a ton of the small cities too. As they traveled, they filmed hundreds of Tik Tok videos, recorded four singles and an EP, and played more than a hundred shows.

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