Feb 2022

Well, we’re well into 2022 now and life is absolutely wild for us. We’ve been hard at work on a few things, and we released an album! 

It’s a wild ride here in Vagabondland. The year started off with a little bit of rest for us. We decided that we wanted to take a bit of time to recover; the past year had been a lot of work for the two of us. We took a little Christmas break and enjoyed some well needed rest. Once that was finished, we felt rejuvenated and prepared to continue the hustle. Honestly, after that rest we were in super high spirits and ready to create more wonderful art than we have ever created in our lives! We’ve been very proud of our output, but we felt that it was time to really kick it up a notch. Our first major task was to run a sale for a Vinyl edition of the album, which was destined to be released on 02/02/2022! Ixc got hard to work on making the vinyl Master of the album. If you’re curious about Vinyl, you can find Ixc’s write up about it here. If you’re interested in an order, go for it

As for what else we’re doing, we’ve started planning out our tour! We’re working with a very talented booking manager in order to make the North America tour happen. Meanwhile, we’ve made a point of joining the Musicians Union in order to get Visas to tour in the states. We plan on making some money as we do our tour, since this is our living! In order to make money in the United States, we require visas. So, we’re working with La Guilde des Musiciens here in Québec to make this happen. They’re a wonderful union, and are helping us on many fronts! We’re exceptionally thankful for them and the work they do. 

Some of you may also remember that we did a kickstarter in 2020. The film we funded through that is nearing its final phase of production. The public release won’t be for some time, since we plan to release this to festivals before we release it to the public. Nonetheless, we’re feeling very good about the whole thing and are excited to be done it. We’ve already got more film work in the pre production stages, and will be looking to start making that happen very soon. We’ll announce more details when it’s time! 

Meanwhile, we’re livestreaming most evening around seven, and getting upwards of 20k listeners each night. It’s a wild ride, and we love doing it! 

Lastly, we’re currently trying to reach our goal of 950USD on our Patreon. We have a very big, and fun project that we’re planning to release to the Patreon supporters when we get to that stretch goal! We hope you’ll consider joining that, because the new project is so, so very fun. We think that everyone is gonna love it. 

Well, that’s all for now. Keep on living. 

Walker & Wylde

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