Vinyl Preorders Update

Hello everyone! 

Let's start with business, and then I have fun things for you all.

I hope you're doing well. I wanted to update you all on where the vinyl is at. We ordered the Discs a week ago now, placing an order for exactly 200. We're very happy we were able to get that many! Originally we only assumed we'd be able to order about 100, but we're thankful to all of you for pre-ordering the vinyl and allowing us to prepare for this vinyl edition of the album. We ordered the vinyl through Standard Vinyl, a wonderful company that has been doing this for many years. I researched around thirty different vinyl manufacturers and received quotes from all of them, just so that we could get the most optimal print of the vinyl with the most expedient possible turnaround time.

Now as for that turnaround time; we aren't sure of the exact date we'll receive the Vinyl but it could be as far as the summer. It should be early summer, but we can't speed up or control the printing anymore. We had all of our artwork prepped and ready to send the moment we ended the pre-sale, and had already been in communication with the company for weeks in advance. So far, the art has been sent to the printing department, and the masters have been given to the lacquer cutter. (I have included links for you to read if you are curious about the vinyl cutting process.) What this means is that the experts at Standard Vinyl are preparing it to be cut now! The actual speed of the cutting depends entirely on their backlog, and their possession of materials to cut the lacquer. These people are experts, and are known for being quicker than promised; but nonetheless let's expect the Vinyl to arrive in July. I know that sounds distant, but it'll be here very quickly!

I will personally keep you updated as the process carries along, and I'm always here for you to reach out to no matter what you need. If you have further questions about the vinyl, or want more of the process explained, I'm happy to do that for you.

Okay now for the fun.

The coolest part of this vinyl that you've ordered is that it's the definitive version of the album. The digital release is (hopefully) great too, but in order to make the vinyl up to the standards of the brilliant albums made in the 60's and 70's, I have remixed and remastered every single song to an even more fine tuned degree. So, when you receive the album you get to enjoy the process of listening to both the digital version of the album and the vinyl version, and compare notes about what's different! If you're someone fortunate to have a Hi-Fi stereo, or Hi-Fi headphones, (Just let me know if you want some suggestions for that.) you'll get to experience the album in astounding detail.

Not only that, but we have other fun stuff for you as well. With the album is going to come the vagrant dispatch with all the lyrics and liner notes in it, designed and marvellously conceptualized by the talented Blue Jay Walker. We send these little tiny (adorable) magazines to our patreon subscribers every single month, but you will be getting a zine that is exclusive to the Vinyl album. Not only that, but you'll get to see the secret, and wonderful, back of the album. The album art was photographed by the brilliantly talented Kimberley Hoy, who is a professional photographer based in Ottawa running her own company called Fun and Fancy Photography. Please check out, and go like her facebook page and instagram page. She travels to many different places and has been trained by some of the greatest photographers in the world, and she has forty years of experience shooting on film and digital. Blue Jay adapted these photos and made them into the ethereal, existential concept that you all should have seen by now. And then he made the back of the album, exclusive to the physical release.

The front cover

NOT ONLY THAT but you also get the Hi-Fi digital downloads of the album with the purchase of the Vinyl, and you get the digital version of our newspaper printout announcing the album, as well as the ACCEPT. We love that you've all afforded us the opportunity to do this vinyl edition of the album, I can't thank you all enough.You should have already been emailed the download of the album from our website, but if you haven't then please use that link above to listen to either the mp3 or the Flac of the album. 


On a more personal note, this has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I always idealized the release of a Vinyl album, and I never thought I would have the opportunity to Write, Mix, and Master an album to print it to vinyl, so from me personally, thank you so much for all your support and love, because this dream of mine couldn't be fulfilled without all your help. 

Again, if you need anything, please reach out at this email. 


Ixc Wylde

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